The Neko Light Orchestra, a french melodic-rock band, was formed in Toulouse in 2011. All of their musicians are composers and arrangers ; 8 different musical colors contribute to the music created by these cinema and movie, video games and anime soundtrack addicts.


The band's journey, like a video game's, can be divided into acts and stages.


For the first act (2011-2012), our heroes mainly worked with semi-acoustic instruments, their cinematographic universe wasn't clearly defined yet and their voices were trying to find themselves. All in all, their intentions were only starting to become clear and coherent.


Its first level, November 2011's Toulouse Game Show, enabled the Nekos to play excerpts from movie, series and video games soundtracks. This first formation included a cello, a grand piano, an acoustic guitar, and several singers.


A few months later, the Neko Light Orchestra had transformed into a stammering rock formation for the TGS Ohanami. A concert in a movie theater in May 2012 was played as the act's last stage. It still had an acoustic feeling, and the songs they played were part of different universes, ranging from science-fiction to comedy to darker ones, like the theme from « Requiem from a Dream ».


2012's summer months were spent on becoming a melodic rock formation, with a heavier, punchier sound, to prepare for their next concert. This was the beginning of our second act.


Its first stage (2012-2013) was their TGS concert in December 2012. After 5 months of hard work, the band managed to convince the public, which came in great numbers to see them. Christophe Héral, « Rayman Origins » and « Rayman Legend »'s composer, came on stage as a special guest, with his ukulele, to play one of his songs with the Neko Light Orchestra.


Stages 2, 3 and 4 were played early 2013 (Japan Expo Sud, Made In Asia Bruxelles,
Polymanga Montreux, Suisse), and again, were a success.

After a fifth concert in Japaniort in May, the Neko Light Orchestra (NLO) performed their sixth and seventh stages in Paris for the great convention Comic Con & Japan Expo.


To be continued...